Thursday, 29 June 2017

Imaginations Project. - Summer Reinforcements Challenge completed.

Having successfully completed my challenge of painting up four infantry battalions and six mounted commanders, I took the opportunity to muster all the troops so far built and painted.

Walivia have a squadron of cavalry at the rear, three line regiments of foot, two artillery pieces and of course, two mounted brigadiers.

Karacia have exactly the same make up of units.

Cadesh has only two units of foot so far, a third will be added.

Some shots looking along the ranks.

I would like to eventually have five battalions of line infantry for each nation, this would then allow me to form a combined grenadier battalion of 20 figures, leaving five line battalions, also of 20 figures.

I can then begin to add some fusiliers, guards in bearskins etc.

What you see lined up is the contents of two Marlborough Army starter box sets, with the addition of just one extra cavalry squadron.

Now at a more leisurely pace, the first of three more standard cavalry regiments is well underway. Another unit for Walivia.

Once each nation has two standard cavalry squadrons, they like the infantry, will receive some fancy units, Cuirassiers, mounted grenadiers, possibly lancers too. This is after all, Imagi-Nations.

I will post another update when the final two cavalry squadrons are complete.


  1. Who manufactures that light blue paint and what is its name? Awesome looking!

  2. Hi Justin, the manufacturer is Vallejo, Model Color range, number 70844 'Deep Sky Blue.