Monday, 5 June 2017

Imaginations Project- More work done and command figures.

I recently took delivery of my very first Front Rank figures. I wanted command figures that were a little bit special for my three nations of Culm. They are not cheap, but the quality is amazing, the sculpts are superb. Very little flash and mould lines were cleaned off with a couple of passes with a mini file.

First up, I ordered four limbers for the guns. They came in in at a hefty £6.25 each, but the quality is excellent and if I want limbers, then pay I must.

Although I currently have six artillery pieces, I only ordered four limbers as well as eight draught horses to pull them. The horses are £4 a pair, so the limbers and horses in this photograph came to a grand total of £41. Expensive, but you get what you pay for, and they are simply superb.

I also received a number of the command figures from their War of the Spanish Succession range. So the Duke of Marlborough, Marshall Bouffiers et al, will become generals or even kings, in my three armies.

The figures do not come with horses, you have to order them separately, but I think you will agree, the sculpts are top notch.

I also received the cards and two sets of dice for Mortem et Gloriam, an Ancient and Medieval rule set. I am currently well into the planning stage, with my good friend Nik, for a campaign game set during the Hundred Years War. We have a map, values for regions and cities, as well as a campaign system, which we are tentatively naming 'Point of Honour.' It will allow for numerous battles and should keep us entertained for many months to come. The campaign will be filmed live, so you can watch us on You Tube. The rule set will also be ideal for my Wars of the Roses armies too.

A second infantry battalion for Walivia has also been completed and work has started on the second battalion for Karacia. This is part of the Tabletop Commanders Summer Reinforcements challenge, to which I have pledged to paint up four battalions of infantry for the Imagi-Nations project by the end of July. I will of course post photographs here on my blog too.

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