Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Imagi-Nations Project. - Summer Reinforcements Challenge.

The project is progressing very well, mainly due to the Tabletop Commanders Summer Reinforcements Challenge. The challenge runs from the 1st of June until the 31st July, I pledged to complete four regiments of foot and six mounted commanders, in that time.

I did purchase two Marlborough Army starter boxes a while back, I had already completed the cavalry and artillery, plus three regiments of foot, so the boxes were emptying quite quickly. However, with the lovely weather, I could find plenty of other things to do, and the project slipped a little.

My pledge would see the completion of every miniature in the two boxes! Once I started, I soon got into a rhythm and the four units of foot were built, primed and painted in short order, I was on a roll.

Four completed units of foot, however, the regiment in sky blue with red facings, was begun before the start date, it was the final foot regiment in the first box, so I am not counting that as part of the challenge. The other three though, have been painted in the last ten days.

I intend to have a mass basing and flocking session when all the regiments are complete.

The final regiment in the second box, is now well underway. Another battalion for Karacia.

The final part of my pledge is the six mounted commanders, they have now been built, both horses and riders, the latter just loosely sat on their mounts for the time being. I shall prime and paint them on completion of the last foot battalion.

I expect the whole pledge to be completed by the 21st of June, so a total of three weeks. I will probably take a break from the painting for a while, as I would love to put some of these on the table and fight a battle or two, using Pikeman's Lament or One Hour Wargames rules. I think I have earned that reward. I do still have three boxes each of cavalry and foot which I ordered after the box sets, once I knew exactly how my Imagi-Nations project was going to progress. I also have of course, those metal command figures and gun limbers from Front Rank, patiently awaiting their turn on the painting table.

I think that the three boxes of cavalry will be the next priority, and maybe I will increase my pledge to include them. We shall see.

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