Monday, 3 July 2017

A new venture?

I am getting a little frustrated at not having the room or storage space, to fight large battles. I only have access to a very small table, with very little chance of that improving.
It is big enough to fight reasonable sized battles with my 6 mm ACW troops, but that is about all. Even One Hour Wargames, and rules such as Lion Rampant, call for a bigger area than I have access to. Anything other than a very small skirmish in 28 mm is out of the question.

I am not abandoning my miniature armies, far from it, they will see the tabletop at home, for lots of battles in the future, I just need something more compact and easy to store, for my present location.

I have been looking at block wargames for some time, and settled on a few that interested me, so did some research.

This one looks really interesting, and has a very unique system of movement and battle. It also has wooden blocks, which I find acceptable. I am certainly not a picker up of cardboard counters with tweezers! The main problem is that it is just one battle, lots of different possible outcomes of course, but still just a single battle.

This series of three games, really does interest me greatly, and I have no doubt that I shall pick up one or more eventually.

A more abstract type of wargame, with control of areas being the key, and small cubes used to represent armies. Not a problem, it looks good and works. The use of a deck of cards is also very interesting for game play. Lots of replay potential.

The three would allow the play through of the birth of America. Very tempting.

Finally on my list, is the Commands and Colors system. I do already own a copy of Battle Cry, the ACW game with miniatures, a game I really like. It is quick to set up, enjoyable to play, and easy to store. The two big sellers in this system are the Ancients and Napoleonic versions, both have a number of expansions.

This time, instead of plastic miniatures, we have wooden blocks with stickers, representing the different troop types. Scenario books to set up particular battles, and all the terrain tiles needed for a reasonably accurate depiction of a real battlefield, or part of one.

As you can see above, the board does not take up a huge area of tabletop, ideal for what I need. In a small area I would be able fight lots of battles with the feel of a huge Napoleonic encounter. Solving the very thing that is currently frustrating me.

So I have taken the plunge and ordered the C&C Napoleonic base game and expansions. If I am going to do something, then it might as well be the whole hog. This game has been on my watch list since it was first released, so it has taken me a long time to actually pull the trigger.

Once it arrives, I will of course report back with photos.


  1. Go for it. The C&C game is very popular - as you know. I'll tell you right now I will be looking forward to you updates on this game. I imagine a playthrough on YouTube would be a great watch. I also think giving the 'block' games a go is a deff. plus considering your space/storage limits.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, it is certainly a good option, I can also fight the whole of the Napoleonic wars with the expansions. Lots of extra scenarios on the website too.

  2. I only have a 2x2 to a 2x4 foot table and I think I could do Leipzig on it just have to think of the ground scale that is needed so don't be put off by a small table as sometimes you just have to think out of the box. I did refight quatra bras a month or so ago


    1. Thanks Rob, I have fought quite a few battles on the small table, and you are correct, you sometimes have to think outside the box. This is also a new era for me too, Napoleonics without the painting lol.