Monday, 17 August 2015

The spare room was redecorated and turned into a man cave as had been planned. The war gaming table was extended by adding a one foot wide flap to both parts of the table, it was originally two pieces measuring four feet by three feet. The two bolted together gave me eight feet by three feet, however I found the narrowness quite restricting in 28mm scale but a permanent four feet wide board would have taken up too much space in the room. The compromise was the one foot extensions in the form of two flaps, one on each section of table giving me the much better eight feet by four feet. That of course can be folded down out of the way when not in use.

The N Gauge layout will still be built around the perimeter of the room but work on that will now start in the early new year, it will give me a run of about 40+ feet, and the main board containing the station will be some 14 feet long and will be the first section constructed and worked on. The other modules, each only some four inches wide can be added as and when, to give me a full run around the room.

Why the delay until the new year? I suffered a minor heart attack in April this year, it was enough to scare the pants off me. Sat in the back of an ambulance with severe chest pains thinking is this it, is this how it is all going to end? Fortunately, it wasn't the end but the upshot is that two of the four arteries into the heart are next to useless and it may require bypass surgery in the near future. Therefore strenuous work like building and fitting baseboards are off the agenda at present. A very good friend has offered to make the baseboards for me, he retires at Christmas and is prepared to build them in the new year with the measurements I provide. Thank you so much Graham.

I am still a devotee to 28mm war gaming and it associated figures, my English Civil War armies are almost complete, Highland clansmen, Montrose Irish and casualty figures plus one or two other bits and pieces still need finishing off. I have now embarked on another 28mm project, this time the War of the Roses and have just begun to collect and paint the figures.

Four test figures, archers from the Perry War of the Roses Infantry box set, plastic figures but beautifully sculpted as you would expect from Perry. Bases still need flocking and I was going to give them a sepia wash as I normally do with all my figures, but I really like the bright colours and toy soldier look of the figures. I have an idea for a campaign in the North of England set during the period of the war between the Yorkist and Lancastrian forces, Barons/knights/lords with their retinues based in a home territory, with a leaning toward one or other of the main protagonists. These will attempt to dominate, bully or capture neighbouring lands/estates and so gain favour and position with the current king, be he of the red rose or white. Still in embryonic planning stages at the moment but will not require huge armies and so should be ready in an acceptable time frame.

I attended the 'Joy of Six' convention/show in Sheffield England in July. It catered solely for 6mm war gaming and was my first ever visit, lots of tables and trade stands made it a very enjoyable, if expensive day out!

First up some flexible resin river and road sections, about six feet of each plus some bends and crossroads etc. Just bought one pack of each to try them out.

I then picked up a selection of building suitable for the ACW all in resin by various companies.

Next up were some horse teams and limbers for my artillery, I had already painted up a number of artillery pieces that came with the starter set I had bought a month or so earlier, but they came without limbers and teams.

I then selected a baggage train consisting of various covered wagons, two wheel carts, mule train and drovers to control them.

Next was some casualty figures both infantry and cavalry.

More scenic items included a ford and a couple of stone bridges, all resin.

Tents and the requirements of a camp came next on the list. I now have enough to make a substantial camp for the army.

Camp followers and wagons etc, to populate the camp.

Bags of cavalry, generals, artillery etc. for both sides.

Then bags of infantry for all the units I am ever likely to need, a mountain of metal to paint.

Finally, MDF bases to mount them all on.

The only thing non ACW related I picked up was a rule set for Ancient/Medieval Warfare. I had heard good reviews about L'Art de la Guerre so snapped up a copy, it may see action with the War of the Roses figures.

So all in all, a good haul of 6mm goodness, more than enough for my ACW project, but more of that in my next post...Ian

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