Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Painting Board.

Welcome and greeting from a glorious East Yorkshire, England. It is far too nice to be sat indoors painting, hence the laptop on my knee sitting on the garden bench, perfect!

I have done a bit of painting since my last posting, the two units of 12 bowmen are now complete, bar the flocking, I shall do that when the unit of 12 bill men are complete plus the four figures of the command group. I am very impressed with the contents of the Perry War of the Roses Infantry boxed set, lovely sculpts as you would expect from that company and a joy to paint.

I have purposely made them nice and bright and very toy soldier looking, no washes have been used as I want them to look just as they are for my skirmish campaign. Once the final figures are painted and based I will photograph the complete units to show the whole 40 figures that come in just one box.

Also on the painting board are the 6mm tents for the ACW camp and also a few sprues of camp followers, who are primed but need completing. I like to have a couple of things on the go at the same time, and it is nice to change from one scale to the other.

The whole board with the figures being worked on.

Two units of 12 archers completed bar the flocking.

The remaining 8 bill men cleaned up and ready for painting.

The four command figures are heavily armoured and two of them can be fitted with arms holding a long spear vertically, perfect for attaching a flag or banner to.

Finally, progress on the camp, tents painted up but still need tent poles picked out. Also the camp followers a mixture of male and females require work. Plenty of small 'pup tents' for the rank and file with larger tents for the officers, HQ, meeting rooms, field kitchen etc.

Well that is about it for now, I hope to complete the 28mm figures within the next couple of days, then it will be the mounted knights, the box contains 12 figures so enough for two units of 6. I am also keen to try out a box of mercenaries, as I think the figures and weapons will mix and match well with the next box of infantry.

Happy modelling and war gaming.


  1. Good work Ian. Love the idea of painting outdoors in the sunshine. Even a game or two would be a blast. I'll have to try that some time soon.

    All is coming along well.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, got to make the most of this weather, we only get two months of Summer in the UK and ten months of bloody Winter!

  2. Very impressive, love your paint job and the camp...

    1. Thanks again Phil, the figures almost paint themselves the sculpts are so good. The camp is an often overlooked part of table top battles, but in 6mm you have the space for it.