Thursday, 20 August 2015

28mm War of the Roses Project.

Managed to do some work on my first and second units of archers today, they are not complete but thought I would show what has been done so far. They are in units of 12 figures, this will suit the 'Lion Rampant' rule set, though they prefer them to be based singularly. As I want to use the figures with other rule sets I have based them in a group of 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1. This will allow for figure removal in rules that use that to show casualties, but allow me to keep them as a unified group for rules that do not.

I have three boxes of infantry, each box contains 24 archers, 12 bill men and 4 command figures. This will allow me to build up six units of archers and three units of bill men. I also have two boxes of Mercenaries which contain crossbowmen, riflemen with early muskets and figures with long spears that can be cut down and made into bills if required. I am still uncertain which way to go with those, I could end up with five units of bill men but quite like the idea of a couple of units of spearmen who would be cheaper to buy in the points system, though of course a little less effective than bill men. We shall see.

The first unit in dark blue and white, for readers in Britain, they remind me of the football team Blackburn Rovers, which is quite apt as they are a Lancashire team.

As you can see, they base up nicely.

I then went for light blue and red, Bayern Munich perhaps? They are based in a group of four.

So that is how far I have got so far with the project, I will continue to run this alongside my 6mm ACW project, I have painted the tents for the camp, not too hard as they are all white, just need to carefully paint in the tent posts in brown. Also made a start on the camp followers. My good pal Graham bought me a camp fire which is battery operated, it is however rather large in 6mm, more like a bonfire, but with a bit of careful planning should be usable and would look good flickering in front of the tents.
Well enough of this waffling, I have archers to finish!

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