Monday, 24 August 2015

Perry's War of the Roses Infantry plastic box set.

I have now completed the first of three boxes of WotR infantry, and a very enjoyable build/paint they were too. A total of 40 figures are in the box, broken down into 24 archers, 12 bill men and 4 command figures. There are plenty of spare heads, arms and weapons left over which can be utilised in a future build. Excellent value for 28mm miniatures.

I kept the painting very simple and intentionally made them look bright and clean, so no washes or inks have been applied, I even toyed with the idea of finishing them with a gloss varnish! However, I didn't go that far and used a matt. They remind me so much of the knights I had as a child with a homemade wooden castle with moat and working drawbridge. That reminds me, I must source some 28mm walls and gates, they will be needed in the campaign game to represent castle or town walls.

Next on the painting board are some Mounted Men at Arms, or Knights to you and me! the box contains 12 figures with their mounts and that conveniently makes two units of six for the campaign game. I do have two boxes of these, plus a box of light cavalry too, so plenty of mounted men to lord it over the battlefield.

All the figures in the following photographs are from this one box.

The whole army laid out on the table with one or two scenic items and a photographic back scene.

A unit of archers with one of the command figures given a long spear bearing a banner.

The commander and his trusted bodyguard discuss tactics.

The 12 strong unit of bill men stand ready near the second standard bearer.

'If you don't want one of these up yer' don't mention my tights!

Some random shots of the army for your enjoyment.

Looking down the length of a formidable firing line!

All the boys arrayed for battle.

They will shortly be joined by some mounted colleagues.
So once again you are back up to date with what is happening, the 6mm ACW camp and followers are also being worked on in tandem with the 28mm, so plenty to keep the old brushes working. I am hoping to fit in a game of  'Officer Commanding' using the medium sized army option during the week as I am keen to see if it is as successful and enjoyable as the action with the small size armies was. I am also working on an abstract map for the War of the Roses campaign, however I need to get a few more units painted up before that will see any action on the table top.


  1. Good stuff!
    Looks like an excellent box of soldiers.
    Painted and ready to meet the enemy.

    1. Thank you, the box set is very good value and makes up into three decent units for Lion Rampant.

  2. I love this stuff. It always looks so good, and I can't wait to read as much narrative as you can throw at me.

    1. Thank you Alex, it is a period I love and of course coming from and living in Yorkshire it is close to home. I intend to fight out a campaign with four main faction leaders, (two Yorkist and two Lancastrian) on an abstract map that I have created. It should be fun and I can make a story out of it as it rolls along.