Thursday, 21 December 2017

Work has begun on the ACW reinforcements.

As promised, I am showing all the reinforcements I ordered out of the bags. In fact, flash has been removed, there was very little of it, the bases filed flat, all washed and scrubbed in soapy water and finally stuck onto lolly (Popsicle) sticks. Last night I hand primed them, it has been to wet and damp outside to use a rattle can.

All the guys laid out ready for painting.

Dismounted Union troopers and horse holders.

Mounted Confederate troopers, enough for five regiments of nine figures, to be split in a 4 and 5 on 30 x 30 mm bases,

Dismounted Confederate troopers and horse holders.

Mounted Union troopers, exact same numbers as the Confederates.

Finally, the generals for both sides. I miscalculated here, I could have done with more flag holders, I only have a total of six. Baccus are fine if you contact them, which is what I will do in the new year and request a pack of 15 standard bearers. They will supply any pose you wish, to the same amount of figures and price of a standard pack.

They will do the job for now, as I really need a Union VI Corps commanders base for my ongoing campaign. I shall probably use all of them for the Union, as I do have enough Confederates for now.


  1. They look like quite nice figures from here.
    I'm tempted to splurge on a Baccus force of ancient Indians. I'm a sucker for elephants.

    1. Thanks buddy, they are amazing sculpts for their size. A force with elephants in 6 mm would look pretty impressive.