Tuesday, 19 December 2017

ACW reinforcements arrive.

Probably my final update on this blog before Christmas, so season's greeting to all who read this, and even to those who don't.

My small Baccus order arrived this morning. It will allow me now to create some cavalry regiments for both sides on 30 x 30 mm bases, something I don't currently have. I was also a bit light in cavalry anyway, so these new boys will solve that problem.

I took the opportunity to order a command pack for both sides too, I needed some more divisional and corps commander stands.

The Corps flags will be placed with the Corps Commander, rather than the Stars and Stripes for late war era battles.

Sorry for poor photo quality, I will show them when cleaned up and ready for painting. The two command packs.

Dismounted cavalry and horse holders.

Mounted cavalry, enough for five regiments of nine minis each side.

As I am currently fighting a mini-campaign, the reports are over on the TtC Blog page. These guys will get bumped up the painting queue as I need the smaller sized bases for showing column.

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