Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Conquest of the Empire.

Having decided to downsize from 28 mm figures, I just don't have the room for any more, I dug out this board game that has been sat on the shelf for quite a few years. The idea being to take it back to the smaller place for the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 2018. However, as is the way, I wanted to modify the game contents to make it more pleasing on the eye.

As you can see there are six factions that can be played in the game, each one vying to become the next emperor of all the empire. The ships and catapults are made from a hard plastic and are suitable for painting up.

The beige coloured pieces are cities and walls, they too of are a hard plastic, once again I will paint them up.

I have painted up a test model for the green faction. The model needed three coats of primer, I had given it a good wash and scrub in soapy water first, but it really was a battle to get the primer on.

Still, once painted up they will do nicely as game pieces.

I shall paint them all up identically, just add the relevant colour to the sail and flag.

I am also going to replace the miniature soldiers that came with the game. They are made of the soft, bendy plastic, and are somewhere between 20 and 28 mm in size. I will use Baccus 6 mm Imperial Romans for the infantry, cavalry and command. Initially I planned to use 20 x 20 mm bases, with two ranks of four infantry per base and three or four cavalry per base.

However each of the six factions has 20 units of infantry and 10 units of cavalry. That is a lot of figures and expense. I am now considering 10 x 10 mm bases, with half the figures needed. It also is of course only half as expensive, but will still be in the £60 region. Finally, it will give a smaller footprint on the map.

So this is now added to the painting queue which currently contains, 6 mm ACW cavalry and command, Battlescale 6 and 10 mm buildings, and finally Pendraken 10 mm Marlburian British. So lots to keep me busy.

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