Thursday, 12 May 2016

A couple of Sabots to try out.

I was sent a couple of sabots by a friend on Tabletop Commanders, Richard. He ordered a number of them, custom made for his own 6mm armies and kindly sent me a pair to evaluate. They come in two parts with a solid square base plate, and what is best described as a picture frame top with a hole for a dice and enough room to add the unit name if required.

Anyway, best to see the photos, which for some odd reason are not very good, but you will see the bases clear enough.

An empty base on the right, with two cannon and a limber on the left.

Two regiments of infantry.

A brigade of cavalry.

They certainly do the job and make moving around lots of units much easier. I should mention my infantry and cavalry bases are 60 x 30 mm and the cannon are 30 x 30 mm.


  1. Glad you finally got your hands on them. Let me know if you want any more as I have loads and I am happy to send you some.
    Richard P

    1. Cheers Richard, I will bear that in mind, they are good though.

  2. I like'm! Will you be getting more of these? They are custom made from what I understand. Really nice.


    1. Yes, Richard had them custom made I believe. I want to test them out a little more to see how I get on with them.