Monday, 9 November 2015

Supply Train finished.

I have now finished the supply train for the armies, these added to the ones I painted earlier should be more than enough for my needs. I am now about 6 mm weary! So I will now return to 28 mm and work once again on my War of the Roses project.

All the items painted today.

The two wheeled carts with the loads come with the wheels attached, but for some reason, and there will be a good reason, the four wheeled wagons come with separate wheels, which I have to admit are a blooming nightmare to fit.

There are four bases of mule train with their handlers.

A head on view.

Looking across the supply train.

These will now take their place in the storage boxes ready for future use.

I still have about 15 units of infantry for each side to paint, also two or three units of Zouaves to paint as well. I may complete them before Christmas if I get the urge back again. Next on the painting board is a box of Perry 28 mm War of the Roses Infantry, they will make up into a unit of Bill men and two units of archers. That is twelve figures per unit also the box contains four fully armoured command figures, However, I may join them to a unit of Foot knights of which I have a couple of boxes to paint.


  1. Nice close ups. They really turned out nice, Ian. I love this sorta thing added to a game.

    1. Thanks Kurtus, the little things like supply add to any game and make great objectives.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray, fitting the wagon wheels was a mare!

  3. Excellent, very impressive...and so useful for soldiers!

    1. Thanks Phil, got to keep the little fellas safe.