Wednesday, 4 November 2015

ACW skirmishers to the fore.

Having set up the table for the Battle of Hangman's Creek scenario from the Black Powder rule book, I realised that I had not painted up any skirmishers for either side. I was going to use a regiment of dismounted cavalry in their place, but it just didn't look right, so after bumping the generals down the painting queue, I have completed about a dozen stands of skirmishers for each side.

I have based them up in a mixture of fours, fives and sixes to give some variation. Union on the left, Confederates on the right.

From the Rebel side.

Also the Union side.

I can now field some Union skirmishers for the battle, The generals are now on the painting board, I want one army commander to represent Bobby Lee on Traveller, I also need some Corps, Division and Brigade generals.

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  1. Now I am more eager to see this battle. Bring on the Generals :)