Monday, 23 November 2015

More War of the Roses units completed

Taking a break from my 6mm American Civil War armies, I was about painted out after working on them for the Black Powder Challenge for the last six weeks. So a for a change of scene and scale, I thought I would return to my War of the Roses in 28mm figures.

First up was another box of infantry and the two Yorkist factions both received a unit of archers to add to their crossbowmen and firearms troops. Also a second unit of Bill Men have been completed. These fellows are not in any of the four retinue colours and so can be allocated to whichever Lord is in need of reinforcements for any given battle in the campaign. Like wise, the foot knight are also in neutral and can be allocated as needed.

Here are the archers, bill men and one unit of six foot knights.

Bill Men in neutral colours allowing them to be allocated to any retinue.

The very first unit of foot knights, in Lion Rampant these are in units of six men, I have based them in two pairs of two and two single bases.

Archers in twelve strong units.

The boxes of Perry foot knights actually contain 38 figures, so that will allow me to build a total of six units per box. The extra two figures are for a command stand. I have two boxes of these so will be able to make up a total of twelve units, hopefully that should be more than enough for my needs.

I think a few 'get to know the rules' sessions are in the offing now in readiness for beginning the War of the Roses campaign I have been planning. So lots of variety on the go for me. Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten the 6mm ACW, and will be painting up a couple of units of Zouaves for each side once the foot knights are completed. I am still researching which Zouave units to paint up. The Battle of Hangman's Creek is currently being played on the table, using Black Powder rules, photos will be uploaded to the blog on its completion.

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