Friday, 28 November 2014

A few of my troops.

I started the Civil War army with the Battalia Set from Warlord Games. The box contained enough figures for two regiments of foot, two regiments of horse and a storming party.

The foot regiments consist of three sprues containing 13 figures each plus a command sprue of two officers and a drummer/fifer. Enough to construct 42 figures and initially that was indeed what I did. At the time I had the idea to war game with the figures in the future and after painting a couple of full foot regiments, realised on the small table I currently have access to, 5 feet x 3 feet, they would be too large so I now build foot regiments of 28/29 figures. Each horse regiment is 12 figures strong.
Part of the Parliamentary Army. Dragoons at the front, four regiments of Foot and a regiment of Horse at the rear. Oliver Cromwell raises his hat to his men.
A pair of Royalist regiments in the foreground, part of the artillery and six regiments of Horse on display.

The Marquis of Newcastle's Foot (Royalist) move to occupy the church ruins.
Taking up defensive positions among the church ruins.
Two regiments of Parliamentary Horse enter the field.
The Horse launch an attack.
The battle in full swing.

I don't claim to be a great painter, but to be fair, you don't need to be. The mass of figures grouped together, draw the attention not each single figure.

I shall post more photographs in my next update.




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