Tuesday, 5 February 2019

War of the Ring Board Game

My newest game is a monster. A classic for sure.

Received an extra 15% discount at my local game store.

The first expansion, the second 'Warriors of Middle Earth' has been ordered for me.

Though not really a fantasy fan, Lord of the Rings was a classic I read as a young teen, loved it and the movies too of course. I shall attempt to paint all the figures this year and make it a unique copy to me. Plus I don't really like playing with unpainted pieces.

From watching unboxings and play throughs, it seems the minis will need swords and spears straightening (hot and cold water dip) flash clean up, soapy wash and finally priming before the actual painting can begin.

It should be fun to do as I have never attempted to paint anything like this before.

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