Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Italia Board Game

Another board game for the collection. This has the same game mechanics as Britannia with a few new twists.

The game was bought from 'The Works' via Amazon for £15.

Still factory sealed.

It is two games in one. Rule book.

Map board.

Solid mounted board of a good thickness.

Pads of score sheets for both variations of the game.

Lots of different nations/tribes.

Good quality card stock player aids.

Six sheets of thick counters, easy to punch and with rounded corners.

The artwork has certainly improved since Britannia, but has kept the same simple and uncluttered look.

Each nation has a card with objectives, special actions, leaders etc.

An excellent addition to my collection, I really like this game system with can be played solo very easily. I am still on the look out for Hispania and Maharaja, set in Spain and India respectively.


  1. Now this looks good, Ian. W.I like the counters! I'll be watching for the playthrough.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, I will be showing the components and doing a semi run through on YT soon.