Sunday, 6 November 2016

What is on the bench?

Into November already, the time is simply flying by and I haven't done a blog update for some time.

I am currently participating in the Tabletop Commanders Winter Warmer Challenge. The task I set myself was to complete my 6mm ACW project. I have just about accomplished it too. The largest and most obvious job, was to complete the infantry stands for both armies, I didn't realise I had left so many unpainted. I also wanted to attempt to build some more wagons for the supply train. After a struggle, I managed to superglue wheels onto two wagons and would have thrown the rest at the wall, but they were stuck to my bloody fingers!

I have enough wagons for my supply now, so the rest may, or may not, be tackled at some time in the distant future, depends on if I wish to frustrate myself again. So although there are a few other bits and pieces that need painting, some mule trains and skirmishers, I am calling this project complete. Or I will be when I pick up the bases for the newly painted units later this week.

The first box of Union infantry. all the units on bases were completed last year, only the unbased units have been completed for the challenge. These storage boxes are great and cheap too.

The second box shows the 14 units completed for the challenge.

Similar with the Confederate infantry, this box was completed last year.

This time 13 units, plus the two wagons, have been done for the challenge.

This box contains the Zouaves for both armies as well as the newly painted up Iron Brigade of three stands. You can see those damn wagons in the bottom compartment, along with unpainted mules and skirmishers.

So I completed 30 units of infantry, 36 to a base as well as two wagons. So this part of the challenge is done!

I am recovering from injuring my left thumb, a root in the garden bit back! I am currently unable to bend it at all, though I can now move it and am able to hold figures to paint again. I was unable to paint for two weeks. I still have some more 28mm AWI test figures to paint up and may well tackle four or five Hessian figures this week.

It is my birthday in the middle of this month and I have received the first of my new project. 10mm Napoleonic French and Russians, They must stay hidden away until the day of course, but I am looking forward to starting on them. I will of course post pictures of the new project as it progresses.

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