Sunday, 20 November 2016

OHW - The Campaign - Part Two (Conclusion)

'I watched our regimental flag bearer take a ball to head, the flag never hit the ground, before a second caught it and waved it wildly. I loosed off my musket at the Rebs before me, I don't know if I hit anyone or anything, the powder smoke was so thick and choking. I stepped back to reload, allowing another man to step up and fire.

There was an almighty whoosh and a bang! I suddenly found myself laid on my back looking up at the sky, the black clouds scudding across it, I quickly realised it was powder smoke, so much of it, I was sure something must have caught fire and exploded.

Then I remembered those awful sounds and sat bolt upright. I couldn't see anyone at all, it was as if I had been left here all alone. It was then I realised I was wet. I looked down and to my horror, the whole of the front of my uniform was covered in thick, red blood. From my boots upward, the thick sticky liquid oozed on the surface of the material of my jacket. Even worse, my innards, broken and twisted also stuck to jacket and trousers.
Yet I could feel no pain. I quickly checked, both my legs moved, as did my arms, still I could feel no pain. was I in shock?

I carefully felt the front of my jacket, chest first then sliding gently down to my stomach, the jacket was still fastened and there were no holes in it, to betray where the bullet or ball had entered my body. I stood up, still no pain, it was only at that moment did I realise, it wasn't my blood or innards. To my shame, I shouted Hallelujah! the blood and guts belonged to someone else. I was searching the ground for my musket, when my platoon sergeant appeared out of the smoke, wild eyed his face black with powder smoke. He told me to fall back through the regiment behind, our work was done.'

Private Gavin Booth, Norbeck's Division.

The battlefield after the Union losses are removed.

Once again the artillery hit the central Confederate regiment causing further casualties.

General Norbeck, watched the survivors of his two routed regiments file to the rear, some running, others walking, some being half carried by a friend. He urged on his only fresh regiment, it was now committed.

The central Reb unit now took musketry from the Union ahead, it too was close to breaking point.

The cavalry battle too was continuing.

The exhausted Rebs on the left flank, along with a battery of guns, now engaged the fresh regiment and scored only two hits between them.

More Union casualties in the centre.

The cannon lent their fire to the cavalrymen, but both failed to register a hit.

General Frey, was suddenly aware of a dispatch rider, galloping at full speed towards him. He took the piece of paper and his heart sank. Bear had begun to withdraw and recommended, with due deference that the divisional commander do likewise. Fresh Union infantry was even now marching to his position. Frank took a deep breath and looked to his left, sure enough he could see the glinting bayonets of a regiment of Union Zouaves with at least one more regiment behind. He looked along his line.

The storm of lead continued, his cavalry now coming close to breaking.

As were the central regiment, suffering, but still battling with the unit in front of it.

He gave the order to fall back, with the arrival of Union reinforcements his slim chance of holding the crossroads had now gone. The survivors rapidly retreated, close behind the remnants of Bear's Brigade.

So that concludes this scenario, both battles being linked, which of course allowed General Brown and his men to tip the balance. It was an enjoyable battle and now puts the Union two points ahead of the Confederacy in the campaign.

The next three scenarios in the book entitled 'Control the River, Take the High Ground and Bridgehead' will all link together very nicely for another divisional battle. So as these boys go off to rest, recuperate and take in fresh recruits, a new division and its attached characters will appear to fight the next battle.


  1. Excellent set of reports. I've got OHW but have yet to roll it out. Very tempting though... Thanks for the write ups and look forward to the rest

    1. Thanks Andy, it is easy to set up and quick to play, I am enjoying it.

  2. Huzzahs for General Norbeck and his brave boys :D
    great read my friend

    1. Thanks Dale, yep three cheers for Generals Norbeck and Brown. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  3. What a conclusion to this battle. I like how one battle linked to the other played out. PLus, I have to let out a HUUUURAAAAH! for the Union BLUE!!! Lol. Is the next battle still linked, outside of just the characters? I guess I will find out actually. Onwards...


  4. Thanks again buddy, the Union blue do seem to be getting the upper hand at the minute.