Wednesday, 28 March 2018

More boardgames for the collection

Some new additions to the collection. Terraforming Mars and the Venus Next expansion.

A very deep, planning ahead game with a limited time to achieve the goal. Card driven with lots of options to succeed or fail. Excellent for solo play too which is a bonus.

The expansion just makes it even more difficult, as now you also have Venus to worry about too.

This is one I would normally have walked right by, the goofy box artwork enough to put me off. However, I saw a review on YT, and it is actually very good. A tile laying game with worker placement, exploration and of course combat.

They are still in shrink but I shall be bringing them to the table soon.


  1. Those both look interesting... though the Mars/Venus one seems pretty involved. Not a problem if you can go slow as you learn it.

    1. The Mars/Venus game is very involved, and with only a limited time, and a over 200 unique cards, not all of which will appear in a game, maybe 50 percent of them will turn up if you are lucky. You really have to work at this game. The Meeple War, though looking goofy, is actually a very clever and different type of game with lots going on and with plenty of choices to make.