Monday, 23 October 2017

C&C Napoleonics - Eylau Plateau, Russian Rearguard 7th February 1807.

For my first dive into the Russian Army expansion, I have selected this interesting looking scenario.

Historical Info: Marshal Soult's IV Corps, along with elements of Marshal Murat's cavalry, reached the plateau before Eylau in the early afternoon, and immediately attacked. Prince Bagration's rearguard put up a stubborn resistance, repulsing the initial attack. Marshal Augereau and the French Guard arrived later to join Soult. Bagration's force was forced to retire in good order back through de Tolly's troops who were defending Eylau. The delaying action allowed the Russian artillery under Bennigsen to deploy in a defensive position on the heights beyond Eylau.

This is a seven victory banner game, both sides have five command cards, and the French move first.
A special rule exists for this scenario, the French claim an instant victory if they occupy any Eylau town hex at the start of their turn.

A mixture of hills and frozen lakes, dominate the table before the village of Eylau which consists of two spaced out building hexes as well as a church hex.

The initial deployment of the armies.

The Russian now make a pre-battle Mother Russia roll which can give reinforcements, as laid out below. Hopefully it is readable.

Tactics: As the Russian commander, I have to protect Eylau to prevent a sudden death victory. Rightly or wrongly, I have assigned all the tokens on my right and centre before the village. The French will find it very difficult to reach the village with a head on assault. My left flank is weaker, but the French units will have further to travel. With the correct cards, I feel I can hold the village and destroy seven of the enemy for the victory.

As for the French. The Russians are too strong on my left flank, I shall feint against those forces. My main point of attack will be on my right flank and centre, the objective being to destroy seven enemy units, rather than try and capture Eylau.

A full report is on my You Tube channel and also posted to the Tabletop Commanders FB page.

A selection of photos from the battle.

The second scenario for Eylau is also posted on my YT channel, with a full photographic battle report.

In other news, I have backed my first ever kick starter. The Hundred Years War game of Joan of Arc. It is a hex board game with 15 mm plastic miniatures. Not sure how the game mechanics will suit me, but you do get a ton of minis which look to be superb sculpts. I have gone for the maiden pledge, which gives me one copy of the core game plus all the stretch goals.
I have also opted for two expansions, Big Battles and Siege. The former gives a lot more troops and the latter comes complete with a castle and siege engines. If I am not overly impressed with the rules, all the minis can. and will, be used for other rule sets.

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