Thursday, 8 December 2016

OHW - English Civil War Armies.

As promised after showing the Medieval armies in the last post, I dug out my ECW troops and am able to field four armies. After I had finished taking the photos of the five Medieval armies yesterday, I suddenly realised I could field a sixth. I had painted up some troops in other liveries or no livery at all, so they could form a sixth army, possibly a lord who fell out of favour with the king and was stripped of his title and lands, but still commands an army of his own.

But on to the English Civil War, first up is the Royalist Army.

The artillery can be used by any army that needs it.

Four units of infantry, a mixture of pike and musketeers.

Four units of cavalry, they are both cavalry and reiters for my table.

Next up is the Parliamentary Army.

Presenting the Montrose Irish, I didn't have cavalry for them, so substituted an English horse regiment.

I may get to use the small pack artillery piece.

Two units of Highlanders, they will be classed as swords or warband, they of course can fight for any army that rolls for them.

Two units of Montrose Irish pike and musketeers.

Finally, the Scottish Covenanter Army.

They have a regiment of Scottish Lancers as their cavalry, but they will have the same stats as all the other cavalry.

So that is another period sorted for the OHW scenarios, and a chance to use some of the troops that haven't seen action in a couple of years! Good times ahead.


  1. Replies
    1. All Perry's a mixture of plastic and metal buddy.

    2. Sorry Dale, that is duff gen, the Wars of the Roses figures are all Perry, these guys the English Civil War are all Warlord Games.