Saturday, 24 September 2016

Show your armies.

Currently running on You Tube is a challenge to show your armies, so accepting the challenge, I offered my 6mm American Civil War armies, the only complete armies I have with me at the moment. So whilst the video is loading up, I thought I would add these photographs to my blog.

The table is pretty much covered, Confederate to the left, Union to the right.

Union infantry regiments, 36 men to a stand in three ranks on the right. Skirmishers, artillery and cavalry also in view.

Centre of the table shows all the commanders, Army, Corps, Divisional and Brigade.

Same with the Confederate units, 36 men to a stand for infantry. 

Looking across the table. At the very back are tents and supply wagons.

Closer view of the Union infantry, note some zouave units left, front.

Artillery with limbers and cavalry, both mounted and dismounted with horse holders.

The army commanders are at the front and are represented by three command figures and two standard bearers. Corps Commanders are two command figures and a single flag bearer, whilst Divisional Commanders are a single command figure and a flag bearer. At the rear on round bases are a gaggle of Brigade Commanders.

Confederate zouave regiments to the front right of the infantry and the Rebel artillery and cavalry.

A little closer look at the zouaves.

Confederate mounted cavalry and horse holders.

The head honcho's

Union cavalry and horse holders.

Artillery and limbers.

Union zouaves.

Union infantry ready for action.


  1. That is a very impressive sight!

    1. Thanks Rodger, they do look good all laid out.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Jack, quick and easy to do, if a little hard on the eyes.

  3. Awesome stuff Ian will have to have a go

    1. You already have a vast Napoleonic army in this scale I believe. Maybe you could lay them out for the show you armies thread?

  4. Absolutely splendid, Ian! Very impressive seeing the armies laid out like that.

    1. Thanks Kevin, pleased you enjoyed seeing them all.