Friday, 2 July 2021

My Forever Project

 Quite some time since I last posted. I have purchased my final 28mm armies, this will be to allow me to fight the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. I have purchased a ton of stuff, as you will see. I am calling it my forever project, as it will probably take that long to complete.

First up a a box set for a starter Roman army, all the minis are by victrix, specially selected for the skirmish game of Clash of Spears. I may well look into this set of rules, but ultimately, this box set will form just the basis for my Republican Roman Army.

The box gives enough figures for the game and is a perfect way to start my collection. You can see the options contained in the box, A little bit of everything to get me going.

The Carthaginian box set is of course very similar, but does emphasise the large amount of allies or mercenaries that Carthage recruited.

As well as Carthaginians, we have troops from Iberia and North Africa too.

This box will allow me to create my first full legion for the Romans. It includes enough models for Velites, out front skirmishing and harassing the enemy. A front rank of Hastati, a second rank of Principes and finally a rear rank of Triarii.

A different set to give a second full legion.

Finally, a unit of cavalry.

This set will flesh out the Carthaginian Army, with lots of options for troop types.

The ranks will also be swelled with some citizen infantry.

Moving onto allies, who they ally with is anyone's guess. Some Armoured Samnites ready to take to the field.

Joined by their unarmoured brothers.

From North Africa and probably allied to Carthage are Numidian Infantry.

Plus some fast moving light cavalry.

Moving to what would become Spain and Portugal, we meet some Iberian Cavalry.

They are joined by a substantial force of Armoured warriors.

As well as some unarmoured troops too.

Quite a haul, I still have to add an elephant or two at a later date. All shields will be decorated with transfers from Little Big Men to really make the minis pop.

The project will begin late September/early October and will run continuously through the winter. A lot of building and painting ahead. I will take lots of photographs and update the blog regularly.

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